I’ve been itching to share this for a while now. My last project was Cinderella, and since there’s already one version of Cinderella for Far Faria, I decided to do a Filipino version version just to mix it up. 

You can download the app to read it here! 

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pigeons are really fun to draw

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i looove these two. uvu

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but why would you even give him the waterbed

he had scissors

for hands


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i hate songs that are like 75% bad but the chorus is so good that you suffer through the whole song just to hear one part like three times

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Yes mother I have slept for thirteen hours straight but Jesus slept for three days straight and started a religion so I don’t wanna hear it

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i love laughing about the friend zone because it’s so dumb like you know most of those dudes aren’t even IN the “friend zone” they’re in the “ugh god not this dude again” zone

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can i lay in your bed and listen to you type and click away at the computer or play video games or whatever i just want to listen

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"I guess"

I disagree with you but ill let you have this one because I don’t feel like debating anymore with your simple ass (via monitormylife)

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